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Brumley Branches - John Leo Brumley - My Grandfather

Brumley Branches
John Leo Brumley

Brumley Branches - John Leo Brumley - my grandfather was born on November 26, 1895, in Dixon, Pulaski, Missouri. He was the first son born to Isaac Walter Brumley and Katherine (Katie) Cox. Other siblings to follow were William Ralph, Thomas Clinton, Nancy Beatrice, Henry Elmer and Walter Willis Brumley.

They lived in Vienna, Maries, Missouri in 1897 when his brother William Ralph was born. In 1899 when Thomas Clinton was born they were in Osage County. Nancy Beatrice 1901 and Henry Elmer Raymond 1907 were also born in the same county. They were living in Pulaski County, Missouri when Walter Willis was born in 1908.

Brumley Branches
Brumley brothers
Katherine Cox Brumley died of Pellagra in 1912 leaving my great-grandfather Isaac Walter with five children to take care of and raise. John, William, and Thomas were old enough to seek employment to help the family. Nancy also decided to take out on her own as well, but Henry and Walter were left with other families so their father could go to work with the railroad to earn a living.

John was living with his father Walter in Baxter Springs, Kansas when WW I broke out and he had to register with the local Draft Board.

Brumley Branches
WWI Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

He enlisted on July 1, 1915, in the 2nd Regiment Company K, Missouri National Guard. He was stationed on the Mexican border when he was injured in a non-military accident. He mustered out of service on January 13, 1917, because of the accident.

In the 1920 Census, my grandfather was living with his brother William in Springfield, Greene, Missouri and working. It was at this time that he meant my grandmother, Nellie Opal Sells of Springfield. Their courtship was a whirlwind and on March 20, 1920, they were married in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas.

As their life began so did their family when my mother, Nancy Gertrude Brumley was born, and then Leo, John, Jr., Gerald and Shirley Ann Brumley was born.

My grandfather was a carpenter by trade and worked on several projects in Kansas City. When the Great Depression of the 1930's came along work drastically slowed down and eventually no jobs were available. My mother told me the stories how he would have to go downtown and stand in "the bread line" for any food he could get for his family.

My mother and her siblings grew up in various neighborhoods in Kansas City, Kansas, and my grandparents lived the remainder of their lives there.

My grandmother, Nellie Opal Sells Brumley died in 1965 and John lived in the city until his health began to fail. He then moved to Olathe, Johnson, Kansas to a nursing home. John Leo Brumley died May 29, 1976, at the age of 80 years old. They are both buried at Highland Cemetery in Kansas City, Kansas.

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