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Brumley Branches - Sarah Frances Douglas Nichols

Brumley Branches
Sarah Frances Douglas

Brumley Branches - Sarah Frances Douglas Nichols was my great-great grandmother. She went by Sallie most of the time. She was the daughter of William and Johannah Douglas born in Grant County, Kentucky in 1853. I know that she had at least one brother, William Douglas born in 1849 also in Kentucky.

The 1860 Census shows that she was 7 years old living with her family in Grant County, Kentucky. Ten years later in 1870 she was living with a family in Williamstown, Lewis, Missouri. It is not clear if she was related to this family or not.

On August 14, 1872, in Williamstown she had her first daughter, Lorena R Nichols. She married my great-great grandfather Simon Nichols on January 26, 1873, in Clark County, Missouri. In 1876, they had their second daughter Lilly F, 1878 Gertrude W (my great-grandmother) was born. In 1880, they were living in Union, Missouri and that is where Addie was born and died as an infant. In 1882 Robert Lee was born and in June 1884 Sallie and Simon's last child was born Simon Leonard Nichols. The sad fact was that Simon died on May 26, 1884, in Williamstown without even knowing his son that carried on his name.

Simon Nichols was buried in the Nichols Family Graveyard on his property at the time in Williamstown, Lewis, Missouri.

Brumley Branches
Sallie Nichols and Henry Miller Marriage

Sallie was left with many children to raise by herself in 1884 so on April 10, 1888, in Clark County, Missouri at her home, she married Henrich (Henry) E Miller. On January 22, 1890, they had a son, William Henry Miller. It is not clear whether Henry died or if they were divorced. I have been not been able to find a death date for him at this writing.

Sallie once again married for the third time to Charles A Howell on February 25, 1895, in Clark County. 

Brumley Branches
Sallie Nichols-Miller and Charles A Howell Marriage

At this writing, I do not have a death date or place for Sarah "Sallie" Frances Douglas-Nichols-Miller-Howell. 

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